A big THANK YOU to all of you for sharing your successes!
The Federation applauds your contribution.

Captain's Log: StarDate 11/10/10 (Day 2) at 7:00 am

Barnes, Colleen

  • West Allegheny HS; West Allegheny SD
  • cbarnes@westasd.org
  • formative assessment/project based learning/technology
  • I would like to showcase how the math teachers at West Allegheny High School are using project based learning, formative assessment, and technology to improve student achievement in math class. Also, I would showcase our new algebra labs and what students work in during lab periods.

Blair, Kathy

  • Upper Darby HS; Upper Darby SD
  • kblair@upperdarbysd.org
  • CoPresenters: Rob Nelson (Springfield SD - Delco), Pat DiCostanzo (Interboro SD) and Xaras Collins-Brown (Wallingford-Swarthmore SD)
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Delaware County CFF Coaches have been holding Collaboration Days for teachers at our IU over the last two years. These events gave teachers from across the county the opportunity to meet, collaborate, and learn about ways to integrate technology into their subject specific curriculum. Presenters included a combination of CFF Coaches, teachers from our county high schools, and educational consultants from Polyvision and Promethean. A link to our wiki is: http://cffcollabday.wikispaces.com.

Cerasoll, Julie

  • Berwick HS; Berwick SD
  • jcerasoli@berwicksd.org
  • Student Work
  • Students used Garageband to create a Rap song demonstrating knowledge of Internet Safety. Students created their own music beats and lyrics to demonstrate their knowledge of the material from the Internet Saftey Unit.
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Chessman, Bill

  • South Allegheny MS/HS; South Allegheny SD
  • wchessman@gmail.com
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • This showcase displays a webquest activity on Edgar Allan Poe's life and writing. The activity is differentiated into nine possible activities each of which uses tools unique to several websites. Among the nine activities the students pick three.
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Diehl, John

  • Bedford HS; Bedford Area SD
  • diehlj@bedford.k12.pa.us
  • Student Work
  • The Windmill project is an interdisciplinary project linking both math and English. In the English portion of the project, students will create a persuasive writing assignment and video. They start by searching the Internet and other sources for facts and public opinion. Students are then to write a two-page report on the pros and cons for using both Windmills and coal as a source of electrical power. Students are then broken into two groups, one group creating an i-movie supporting the use of windmills over coal and the other group opposing the use of windmills. A field trip is taken to Somerset county to visit a windmill farm and strip mining sites. While on the field trip, the students will take digital photos and video of each of the sites. They will utilize the video and still clips to create and edit an i-movie supporting their cause.

    In the math part of the project, students will utilize their trigonometric skills to determine the angular and linear speeds of the windmills. They will collect the necessary data by utilizing a clinometer, stopwatch, and iMovie clip timer. They will then apply the necessary trigonometric equations to find the radii of the windmill and calculate the angular and linear speeds. Students will then utilize this information to formulate the power output of the windmills at the given speeds. The iMovie created of this process will be utilized in subsequent years to demonstrate some of the applications of the trig used.
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Dowd, Cathy

  • Shamokin Area MS / HS; Shamokin Area SD
  • cdowd@indians.k12.pa.us
  • Simple Ideas That Work
  • As an end of the school year review, we (Mr. Keller and myself) complete a project using Google Earth. Over the course of two days we visit countries that the students studied and pushpin our way around the world finding key architectural spots at each spot. It gives us an opportunity to question students and discuss each country a bit more -- before coming home to their own house.
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Engleman, Patrick

  • Lower Moreland HS; Lower Moreland Township SD
  • pengleman@lmtsd.org
  • Student Work
  • I would like to showcase my student paper slide videos. The students produce these paper slide videos to prepare for assessments. I use them as an informal assessment.
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Faulkner-Beitzel, Carolyn

  • Academy Park HS; Southeast Delco
  • cbeitzel@sedelco.org
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Teachers are beginning to understand the importance of teaching students as digital natives thus transforming the way they teach. This PD session on using Web 2.0 to enhance instruction informed teachers of the endless possibilities of web-based instruction and being creative through interactivity.
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Gabrielle, Diane*

  • Jim Thorpe Area HS; Jim Thorpe Area SD
  • dgabrielle@jtasd.org
  • Student Work
  • Back in 2009, twelfth grade students were to create PSA on Lou Gehrig's Disease after reading "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom for their 12CP English class. They not only created the PSA which they had televised throughout our school. They arranged an ALS awareness walk. Which brought together the senior class - raising $2,585 for the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of ALS.
  • Unable to present a webinar
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Hardle, Rebecca

  • Rowland; Harrisburg City SD
  • rhardie@hbgsd.k12.pa.us
  • Student Work
  • Our 5th grade students published a children's book and every students took home a professionally published book at the end of the year. To integrate the science and language arts curriculums, students in 5th grade wrote stories and poems about chemical concepts. They also created visual representations which were photographed and included in their books. Info on the integration, creation, and publishing process will be provided/included.
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Hoskins, Melanie

  • WAHS; Allentown SD
  • hoskinsm@allentownsd.org
  • CoPresenter: Stephen Reck
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Professional development for teachers, by teachers.
    "William Allen University" is a unique program aimed at fostering Professional Learning Communities as we work together to meet the educational needs of our students.
    "Canary Conference"
    Full day conference for teachers to attend 50 minute workshops offered by fellow teachers.
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Hubbard, Kristin*

  • Chester Community Charter School
  • khubbard@chestercommunitycharter.org
  • Student Work
  • Our idea is to feature the Flip Videocamera with footage taken by the students during a class field trip. I have brochures, pictures and a movie ready to go.
  • Webinar: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 10:00am
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Klaassen, Jeannine

  • Beverly Hills MS; Upper Darby SD
  • jklaassen@upperdarbysd.org
  • Videoconference
  • Beverly Hills Middle School’s eighth grade, and five other schools throughout the state participated in a videoconference (via MAGPI, in collaboration with PennCORD) with Pennsylvania First Lady Judge Marjorie O. Rendell. The students participated in activities leading up to the event. I made a movie showcasing highlights of the event.
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Langan, Brooke

  • East Stroudsburg HS South; ESASD
  • brooke-langan@esasd.net
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • The goal of the eTech Academy is to introduce novice technology teachers to the world of 21st Century learning. Through this academy, teachers within ESASD will be introduced to successful technology integration to enhance daily classroom instruction.The core focus of PD trainings is the use of technology in a one-to-three computer classroom and co-teaching experiences with the district technology coaches.
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Lindner, Debra

  • Sullivan County HS; Sullivan County SD
  • linddebr@sulcosd.k12.pa.us
  • Student Work
  • World War I project
    Students take on the role of a German front-line reporter during WWI. They have to create a special war edition that includes articles, interviews, editorials, and images to help readers understand the reality of war and its effect on Germany. They may choose the electronic format used (video, audio, website, print – Publisher, etc.). The project is standards-based, promotes higher-order thinking skills, and integrates technology.
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Lochran, Lori

  • Avella High School; Avella Area SD
  • lochranl@avella.k12.pa.us
  • CoPresenter: Jamie Forshey from Bellwood-Antis
  • District-district collaboration and student work
  • The Holocaust Connection is a collaborative effort between three school districts. Students in all districts researched information and placed it on an interactive web page for all to see. Streaming video was also used to listen to a Holocaust survivor. Questions were posted by all schools involved and answered live on streaming video. Finally, this project was designed to raise awareness and lead into genocide in the 21st century.
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Martin, Joseph

  • East Stroudsburg HS North; ESASD
  • joseph-martin@esasd.net
  • eTeam Wizards
  • eTeam Wizards is an educational program devised to enrich technology education within the East Stroudsburg Area School District, through the development of a high school student team. eTeam participants attend quarterly trainings that result in a trickle down training effect. Participants are required to create educational usage examples, train others such as students, teachers, administrators & the community at large. In addition, a fundamental focus for this team is community service. Participants are expected to lead open lab nights within their schools, as well as host a community technology night conference.
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McLain, Patty

  • Pleasant Valley HS; Pleasant Valley SD
  • mclain.patricia@pvbears.org
  • Student Work
  • I will showcase the annual (and award winning)collaborative English projects from PVHS including a digital documentary response to J.Howard Griffin's "Black Like Me", Infomercials created to embody Dan Pink's ideas in "A Whole New Mind", and community service video projects that showcase the optimism and altruism found in Michael J. Fox's "Always Looking Up". All three projects required students from different grades to work collaboratively on a common goal while creating a context for a deeper understanding of the literature and the human condition.
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Morriston, Terry

  • Peters Twp. HS; Peters Twp. SD
  • morristont@pt-sd.org
  • Other systemic reforms
  • This showcase will demonstrate how technology, including such hardware as the Ipad, Ipod, Kindle, audiobook, and PC notebook, can be used to motivate tech savy teens to read. It will show Web 2.0 sites used to create and discuss reading with other students: Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, etc.
    This was part of a PAECT presentation last May.
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Noll, Dorothy

  • Eastern Lebanon County HS; Eastern Lebanon County SD
  • dnoll@elcosd.org
  • Student Work
  • Spanish V and Technology Exploration classes worked together to write, illustrate, and publish a Spanish/English children's book. The book was then used in a lesson presented to our in-house Kiddie Korner program. Each child received a copy of the book.
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Poore, Donna*

  • Bethlehem Area HS; Bethlehem Area SD
  • pooredonna@gmail.com
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • BASD delivered Professional Development focused on 21st Century Teaching and Learning with Technology, SAS relationships, and systemic Differentiated Instruction. ALL sessional were presented by CFF/21st C T&L teachers and staff. Over 325 sessions were attended and attendees rated presentations at 3.72 out of 4.00 possible rubric points.
  • Webinar: January 26, 2011 at 11:00am
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Schwander, Mary

  • New Hope-Solebury HS; New Hope-Solebury SD
  • mschwander@nhsd.org
  • Student Work
  • This is a Keynote with embeded video from various classroom activities that were conducted during the month of May of 2010. The Keynote was compiled to be presented at a School Board Meeting.
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Threadway, Vicki

  • Unionville HS; Unionville Chadds Ford
  • vtreadway@ucfsd.org
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • My showcase will consist of sharing the Moodle course I have created for our PLC on Google Apps in Education. I will also share how we are using Google Apps, Moodle, and iPod Touches with our World Language classrooms.
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Wallace, Mary

  • Ben Franklin MS; Uniontown Area SD
  • mwallace63@gmail.com
  • Student Work
  • Through a video conferencing competition, 8th grade students at Ben Franklin School in Uniontown created a 60 minute informational program focusing on a topic within our community, Fort Necessity. Using a guiding question,"What if George Washington Spoke French?" they presented the English and French perspectives on the skirmish, eliciting from their audience other plausible outcomes of the battle. This standards based project tapped into the creative and collaborative nature of our students as they researched, in depth, this historic landmark and then designed a way to share their findings with others using video conferencing and technology as a resource.
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