Elements of the Mission
Houston, We Have a Problem
We Have Lift Off
Turbo Engaged
At Warp Speed
A sustainable support system for coaches
● Coach has limited access to a support system and resources
● Coaches have sufficient support system and instructional resources.
● All coaches have support system and resources for “coaching heavy”
● All coaches have access to a support system with unlimited resources
A system to identify the challenges and strategies of 21st Century Teaching and Learning and the strategies to overcome them
● Challenges are basically group gripes, strategies are not “real world” and are ineffectual
● System challenges are overlooked and rarely addressed.
● Challenges are based in flaws within human nature and within school structures; strategies have potential
● Challenges are daunting, based on flaws within human nature and within school structures, but strategies are effective and useful
● System challenges are constantly identified with adjusted strategies.
● Challenges are addressed boldly; strategies arise from creative problem solving and are very effective
A collaboration system for coaches to share ideas and strategies.
● Collaboration is sporadic at best; few coaches take advantage of the system
● Collaboration is realistic and most coaches are engaged in the cooperative effort.
● Collaboration addresses real world and philosophical issues; it is conducted regularly; all coaches are engaged locally and regionally.
● Collaboration system is viewed as part of the normal routine; coaches collaborate not only to address problems but to advance concepts and practices locally and beyond.
A system for helping teachers use methodologies that are based on constructivist and authentic learning.
● System not really a system but a few hints at “what works.” Based mostly on change maker “talking to” educators
● Activities include one shot PD on various methodologies.
● System communicates a clear vision of what is to change; strategies include an understanding of aversion to change
● Activities could include exposure to and professional development in new methodologies.
● System includes working within school structures (departments, administration, etc.) as well as individual teachers to improve instruction.
● Activities could include the use of 21st Century tools, ongoing PD, use of data driven decision making, and the Standards Aligned System.
● System is predicated on a vision of what the “whole” school should look like; Operative goals are constructed and change is aggressively pursued.
● System could integrate 21st Century tools, SAS, application of data and job embedded PD.
A global vision of what Pa schools and the educational community would look like if the mission is successful.
● Vision is unclear and described in simplistic terms.
● Vision is predicated on a radical change in classroom and school structure but is inconsistent.
● Vision is dynamic and incorporates a global view of what the change would mean and is consistent.
● Vision provides a realistic, dynamic and exciting view of what will be if the mission is successful and is transformational.