As boot camp progresses, reflect on your own instructional coaching situation in your district.

At the end of boot camp, please submit your individual mission detailing the following:

  1. A listing of your goals as instructional coach

  2. A listing of your challenges and strategies to overcome those challenges (use your collaboration with other coaches to address these challenges)

  3. Assume you are successful in your efforts to help your teachers prepare students as future citizens of the world. What would your school look like?

As you include these elements of your individual mission, feel free to use any 21st century tools and media to do so.

The Individual Instructional Coach Mission (IICM) will be uploaded to your specific IU page below. Please save your mission (document, podcast, movie, prezi, etc. ) with your name.

The Boot Camp Design Team's mission is that all of you will exit this boot camp not only with a collective and individual vision of your future responsibilities as an instructional coach, but with a network of support and collaborative systems that will promote and sustain classrooms that will create a positive future for our planet.

Intermediate Unit 1
Pittsburgh - Mount Oliver IU 2
Allegheny IU 3
Midwestern IU 4
Northwest Tri-County IU 5
Riverview IU 6
Westmoreland IU 7
Appalachia IU 8
Seneca Highlands IU 9
Central IU 10
Tuscarora IU 11
Lincoln IU 12
Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13
Berks County IU 14
Capital Area IU 15
Central Susquehanna IU 16
Luzerne IU 18
Northeastern Educational IU 19
Colonial Northampton IU 20
Carbon-Lehigh IU 21
Bucks County IU 22
Montgomery County IU 23
Chester County IU 24
Delaware County IU 25
Philadelphia IU 26
Beaver Valley IU 27
Schuylkill IU 29