COACH MISSION: Sustain and Improve 21st Century Teaching and Learning and Coaching

At any given moment, nearly a hundred wars are waged around the world. Hunger, disease, and despondency plague the planet. Suspicion, mistrust, and anger are rampant. The only hope for the denizens of Planet Earth is the classroom. Teachers will bring us out of the darkness of into the light of learning if only we can prepare them to rethink the problem of helping students to creatively problem solve. The task is daunting, the future uncertain. There is a great deal at stake……

The Starship CFF is engaged in a five-year mission. Captain Holly and the crew have been to the Promethean Polyvision Planets, traveling at warp speed. The Starship CFF’s mission is to enhance and renew teaching and learning with technology, explore new technologies, and implement effective methodologies……. to boldly go where no instructional technology coach has gone before!

Mission for Coach Teams
Your team project is to create a mission that will sustain and improve 21st Century Teaching and Learning and instructional coaching, while empowering educators and preparing students to become contributing citizens of the world.

Each participant also has an individual instructional coach (IICM) mission, which must be completed by the end of boot camp.

Your team mission, to be successful, should seriously consider the inclusion of the following:
1) A support system for coaches that will continue into the future
2) A system to identify the challenges of 21st Century Teaching and Learning and the strategies to overcome them
3) A collaboration system for coaches to share ideas and strategies
4) A system for helping teachers use methodologies that are based on constructivist and authentic learning.
5) A global vision of what Pennsylvania schools would look like if the mission is successful.

As your team includes these elements of the mission, feel free to use any 21st century tools and media to do so. For example, a global vision might include visuals.

Each team will present its mission at the debriefing session on the last day of Boot Camp.

The Boot Camp Design Team's mission is that ALL of you will exit this boot camp not only with a collective and individual vision of your future responsibilities as an instructional technology coach, but with a network of support and collaborative systems that will promote and sustain classrooms which will create a positive future for education in Pennsylvania and our planet.