These sectors should help you create your Mission as you respond to the five elements of the mission. It is from here that we will link to other activities.

From Joanne Romano, Federation Council.

Congratulations to all members of each team. Your work IS replicable, valuable, and inspirational! It was my deepest honor to be part of your experience.

As you go forth, and taking into consideration the needs of your school, district, and community...remember advocate to...
  • Become a member of the Goal Setting Team
  • Become a member of the Curriculum & Instruction Committee
  • Become a member of the Professional Development Team

Let your voice be heard. Reach out to the community!

While the following was included in each feedback form, it is posted here for easier access.
BooksBooks To Support Your Learning Journey!

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Safe Travels!Joanne

Mini-Mission #1 (Day 1 :Tuesday, 4:05 - 5:00pm : Nov 9th)
  • Advocating and Implementing Project Based Learning

Mini-Mission #2 (Day 2 :Wednesday, 9:40 am - Noon : Nov 10th)
  • Wisdom of the Crowd: Mission development / Reflection on Mission

Mini-Mission #3 (Day 2 :Wednesday, 3:35 pm : 5:00 pm : Nov 10th)
  • Know Your Support Systems for Full-speed Ahead

Mini-Mission #4 (Day 3 :Thursday, 10:30 am - Noon : Nov 11th)
  • Conquering Galactic Monsters with Proven Methodologies

Mini-Mission #5 (Day 3 :Thursday, 1:25 pm - 2:40 pm : Nov 11th)
  • Present & Revisit presentations, Post both team and individual missions

Empire C-Team 2

I am sitting at a table in Empire C and heard you were looking for individualized professional development. On Monday we had our first in-service that teachers could choose what they wanted to hear. We had teachers within the district present. Attached is a manual of offerings. I had the teachers sign up on a Google Form and I transferred it to Excel and sorted that way. (They chose 5 sessions and got 3)

Over the summer we had summer workshops that were individualized as well. We created a wiki for each session so that it then became a resource for all teachers, even those that did not attend the optional sessions. The same could be done for an in-service like we had on Monday. I would have created one for that, but it was last minute. http://rocketpd.wikispaces.com/

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email me: henninkr@sgasd.org