Choosing the Best Away Team

Captain's Log: StarDate 11/9/10 (Day 1) at 1:35 PM - 2nd part

You are on a shuttle craft with ten coaches, each coach representing only one of the 10 coaching roles (resource provider, school leader, etc.). Your shuttle craft has crash-landed on an unnamed planet. Aliens, self-identified as the Edhubs, have arrived and are willing to help you complete your mission (which involves getting off this forsaken planet!), but the single vehicle they have will only support 3 coaches. You have to choose which 3 coaches (roles) are most valuable in completing the global mission.

Not only will you have to list the three coaching roles you deem most important to complete the mission, but you will have to justify your choices to the Edhubs who are very stingy with their space vehicles and who are especially biased toward "coach heavies."

Additionally, several of the highly influential Edhubs are visual by nature and would need graphic drawings of the coaches you choose.

1) Important Coaching Role #1
Catalyst for change

2) Important Coaching Role #2
resource provider
3) Important Coaching Role #3


Articles for reference: