Captain's Log: StarDate 11/10/10 (Day 2) at 1:45 pm - Session 1

Captain's Log: StarDate 11/10/10 (Day 2) at 2:40 pm - Session 2


Breakout session

Breakout Session Title


Stevie Kline, Joyce Mason
Creating Student Sleuths: Primary Source Investigation
Cocoa 2
Tiz Powers
States of Mind: Coaching Conversation; Prompts that Promote Self-Reflection
Cocoa 3
Diane Chessman
Exploring Constructivist and Authentic Learning

Cocoa 4
Tracy Sevin, Colleagues
Beyond the Core 4
2/21/2011 @ 1pm
Cocoa 5
Amy Walker
RTII for Secondary Students
Not at this time
Magnolia A
Ellen Eisenberg, Nancy Nussbaum
Building Relationship with Other District Coaches

Magnolia B
Matt Dancho, Ann Noonen
Copyright Issues and Answers

Magnolia C
Melissa Gallagher
Important Paradigm Learning: What is Creative Thinking & Learning?
5/13/2011 @ 1pm
Magnolia D
Jim Gates, Virginia Glatzer
How High Is It?
2/8/2011 @ 10:00am
Empire A
Carolyn Staudt
Innovative Technology in Science Inquiry

Empire B
Jim Lamb, Philip Burrell
Mobile Devices In (and Out) of the Classroom

Empire C
Ken Rodoff
Visual Literacy: A Necessary Skill for the 21st Century

Empire D
Gretchen Hall, Mardy McGaw
Finding and Creating Global Collaborations
4/19/2011 @ 10:00am
Wild Rose A
Lori Sheldon
Coaching Virtually
2/7/2011 @ 11:00am
Wild Rose B
Brooke Langan, Joe Martin
Inept to Adept: Student Produced Videos

Crystal A
Laura Jacobs
Mobile Learining with QR Codes
2/24/2011 @ 4:15pm
Jessica Kos
DI Break Out!
2/28/11 @ 10:00am