Aztec Stickies

Please enter each Post IT note, according to the topic and number of dots.

Ex: Organizational Change Policies: 19 dots and then list each stickie comment.

These comments are proactive solutions to overcoming a barrier or restraint that informs your role as a coach in the reculturing schools around 21st Century change.

40 Professional Development
  1. Training based on ability
  2. Focus on teachers moving forward
  3. Specific time set for Tech PD
  4. Allow individual teachers to become experts on a topic or web tool
  5. Differentiated PD
  6. In-house PD via points of need
  7. Build in PD for teachers/Admin regarding shift in tech/pedagogy
  8. Shift from Tech PD to instruction and introduce tech tools as the need arises
  9. Admin and teacher both attend PD (twice)
  10. Roll as big picture of curriculum and tech PD
  11. PD on instructional changes & models than technology
  12. Introduce tool for for teacher communications
  13. Involve the tech Director in the conversation about what is needed in PD based on teachers
  14. Try using Facebook, Nings for professional book discussions
  15. Work to provide levels of PD and combine with other districts
  16. Work with IU TIMS to design based on IU needs, by a survey
  17. Require Integration of Tech for new teachers coming into the district

23 Priority of Visions
  1. Time
  2. Social work field mind set
  3. Embrace the larger audience
  4. Open access
  5. Teach responsibility NOT control
  6. Support what is working
  7. Get Admin on board and educate the IT personal on what 21st Century Skills required
  8. Get all the leadership team together
  9. Establish and communicate a shared vision
  10. Host by-in meetings about the vision with admin and leaders
  11. More communications
  12. Shared Goals
  13. Shared responsibility
  14. Share SD strategic plan vision with staff

17 Technology vs Curriculum Interaction
  1. Train and use collaborative tools
  2. Allow students to bring tech from home
  3. Both need the a similar vision about student learning
  4. Narrow the options of apps that support learning vs too many
  5. 1-1 with online text and open server
  6. Explore tech alternatives to laptops for students (Web-books, ibooks,etc)
  7. Visit other schools to see where the the teams work together well
  8. Tech and Curr involved in curriculum review sessions
  9. Project-based learning curriculum that has the integration of tech built in as a minimum proposed
  10. TIMs and Mentor visit can help

15 Shift of Admin, Board and Superintendent
  1. Create a technology steering committee with stake holders present
  2. Develop 3-5 year plan of PD with levels: introduction, application and mastry
  3. Build SD/building goals around PBL and Technology
  4. Common vision in administration
  5. All Admin on relatively on the same page
  6. Create a intro for new Admin, Super or Boards on curriculum technology integration
  7. Arrange meetings with Admin to define rolls
  8. Be sure the SD plan has Curriculum/Technology integration in it with a time line
  9. Peer evaluation teams of teachers who embrace tech with those who drag their feet.
  10. Use teachers as leaders to share the 21CTLT
  11. Have students tell compelling stories to the Board each year
  12. Document the progress by teachers/students
  13. Gather data from State and CFF to share with Board, admin and fellow educators
  14. Prepare community and business leaders to support the SD investment
  15. Identify the power brokers out side the SD to build a community support and new boards, admin and Supers come to the districts
  16. Take board, admin and supers to visit other successful districts
  17. Annually get one of this team to ISTE or Pete &C

8 Rebuild the Faith
  1. Exploring the aspects of technology
  2. Longer periods
  3. Common periods
  4. Stronger teachers can reinvigorate

8 Infrastucture
  1. Take laptops with bad batteries and put them in standing labs or 5 comp centers in elem buildings
  2. Technology is there
  3. Adequate tech is provided
  4. Spend the monies necessary to have a strong infrastructure
  5. Look for alternative funding sources and grants to support infrastructure
  6. Provide power strips and extension cords to group tables that give power the lack of battery time in older computers

8 Budget
  1. Repeal Act I
  2. Attend more school boards meetings and be more visual
  3. Get community involved with funding
  4. Invite the Legislators back in to visit

8 Teacher
  1. Shared planning time
  2. Teacher collaboration
  3. Take on leadership/ownership
  4. Work with teachers who want to implement PBL and let it grow at will
  5. Create individual or team of teachers with expertise on specific apps or integration techniques