Mini-Mission 4: Conquering Galactic Monsters with Proven Methodologies

Day 3 (Thursday) November 11, 2010
TIME: 10:30 a.m. - Noon

GOAL: The coaches will reflect upon:
  • The "Monsters" they battle each day, and
  • How they can incorporate the methodologies of the Model Lessons into their work with teachers.

Monsters and Model Lesson mini-mission and project work

Reflection on Model Lessons: Please use discussion tab for your team

  • What aspects or characteristics from the lesson could you take back to your school?
  • What subjects could the activities be modified for?
  • How would you modify or introduce these ideas to your teachers?
  • Where do you think this lesson reached the students on Bloom’s?
  • If appropriate, what could be done to raise that level?
  • Use remaining time to share with each other.

Team discussions - at your tables

  • What strategies you have used to overcome the monsters?
  • Who are some of the key people in the district who MUST be on your side in order to be successful?
  • As you share your strategies, consider using some for your Individual Mission

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