Allegheny IU3

John Vehec

1. Instructional coach goals.
    1. Spend as much time with teachers as possible
    2. Improve student involvement through the use of technology
    3. Improve the technical skill level of the staff (teachers & admininistration)
    4. Improve the technical literacy of the students
    5. Outfit as many classrooms with as much equipment as can be utilized to increase student engagement
    6. Create a sustainable plan for maintaining the equipment
    7. Create a positive outlook on using technology in the classroom
  1. Challenges/strategies to overcome
    1. Not enough time to meet with staff
i. Meet with staff before and/or after
    1. Not enough time to implement all the equipment
i. Rely on tech people, maintenance, and volunteers to assist
    1. Lack of experience building quality stands based lessons.
i. Use SAS website to find resources/ samples of lessons
ii. Join listservs to discuss it with other coaches
    1. Dismiss the myth that using technology in the classroom is time consuming and of no real value
i. Show teachers how student engagement increases with the use of a student response system
ii. Show teachers how quickly equipment can be setup/started.
    1. Show administration that a technology coach is an important asset to have in a building
i. Use coaches log to document the number of classroom visited/training conducted/equipment implemented
    1. Create a plan that will allow the coach’s job to continue regardless of who the coach is
i. Create a document that charts and lists duties and responsibilities of the coach and walks through the daily activities completed on a regular basis
  1. Future of the School
    1. Students/teachers using technology effortlessly throughout their entire day
    2. Laptops, whiteboards, student response systems, , and multimedia equipment in core subject classrooms being integrated throughout the day in the entire district.
    3. Mobile labs allowing teachers to utilize laptops on an as needed basis (especially for special subject teachers)

Jason Coleman - Woodland Hills

Michael Coupland’s Individual Mission

· A listing of your goals as instructional coach
That the three schools that I am working with are able to utilize the available tools to facilitate students learning.
That there are “go to” folks at schools who “own” particular technology tools and support their colleagues in learning / growing in using these tools.
That the schools I currently support become self sustainable and have a process for raising tech issues and offering solutions and have forums for sharing success stories related to technology embedded instruction / student work.

· A listing of your challenges and strategies to overcome those challenges (use your collaboration with other coaches to address these challenges)
I am short on time, as I have several schools that I am supporting.
There are often issues that arise at different buildings that need addressing… prioritizing my time across teachers across schools
Some teachers are a “drain” on my time… asking many intro to computer questions and expecting me to hold their hands, rather than exploring / practicing on their own.
~ I intend to utilize Skype’s screen share (per the virtual coaching breakout), to centrally support folks tech issues without having to travel to each site, eliminating much travel time to and from sites.
~ Camtasia will allow me to reproduce the steps necessary to complete a task / launch an application / solve a problem that is common across teachers / schools. I will begin to aggregate most common issues and head them off with videos that can be distributed among teachers and posted on my Moodle.
~ I intend to meet with advanced users in various applications / tools and help them to facilitate school team based PD that they will lead. I will provide the support, but I will try to cultivate their PD delivery skills / ease in working with colleagues in utilizing tech tools.

· Assume you are successful in your efforts to help your teachers prepare students as future citizens of the world. What would your school look like?
~ Teachers will utilize, as organizers and invitees to schedule and sign up for time with colleagues to lean / teach tech tools.
~ Teachers will lead PD sessions with content and / or grade level teams to discuss upcoming curriculum and how to integrate technology into instruction.
~ Teachers will discuss successes and struggles with technology integration and work together to find solutions.
~ Greater sense of collegiality and shared vision around the value of technology tools in instruction.

Robin Canova - Individual Mission

1. A listing of your goals as instructional coach.

  • To meet with teachers at a convenient time to identify their most pressing needs and to discuss possible interventions to help address those needs
  • To embark on a process which allows for continuous communication and reflection between coach and teacher, providing validation to the process and eliciting feedback from both ends.
  • To work with groups of teachers to establish teams or professional learning communities that pave the way for interventions to be taught consistently across classrooms and subject matter.

2. A listing of challenges and strategies to overcome those challenges.

  • I would love for my position to be better defined. (I am not the technician) Perhaps I could speak openly to my principals about this matter.
  • I find it somewhat challenging to approach resistant teachers about enlisting my services. One strategy I have used to try to overcome this challenge is to present a lesson to a teacher that I created and suggest that we collaborate on another.
  • Time management is an ongoing challenge for me. With most of the school day spent in classrooms, I find that more and more of my time during the evenings and on weekends is spent developing resources, completing paperwork and researching new strategies. One solution could be to devote time during one school day each week to catch up on these necessary items.

3. Assume you are successful in your efforts to help your teachers prepare students as future citizens of the world. What would your school look like?

  • My school would look like a community of learners, where teachers were more classroom facilitators and where students took ownership of their own learning
  • My school would be a building where collaboration led to a global outreach and where students were actively engaged in learning
  • My school would be a place where students became part of the solution and through actively contributing to the decisions about their learning as well as the delivery of the content
  • My school would be a place where authentic learning (project-based learning) was the norm

Bill Chessman Individual Mission

1. A listing of your goals as instructional coach.

  • Advance the best possible teaching strategies through innovative use of technology
  • Advocate the use of best practices as a means of helping students reach their learning goals.
  • A more concrete goal I now have is to bring students into the training and professional development process.

2. A listing of challenges and strategies to overcome those challenges.

  • To bring about real change, I believe that each instructor I work with requires ongoing individualized support.
  • To give the best support possible I work on a wide variety of projects in a support role.

3. Assume you are successful in your efforts to help your teachers prepare students as future citizens of the world. What would your school look like?

  • I imagine the school of the future to be a place where people come together for things where face to face collaboration is important such as music and art, as information exchange is increasingly facilitated by technology the traditional classroom will give evolve into dispersed individuals working from a wider geographical area. That is to say, the cyber component of schools will increase as that best suits the needs of the students.

Bill Driver, Individual Mission
  • Maximize quality coaching time with teachers
  • Improve student engagement through the use of technology
  • Develop Student’s Technology Literacy
  • Improve and Deliver Wiki PD (multiple times)
  • Affirm view of Administration and School Board, that Technology Coach is a VITAL position to the ongoing development of the district.

Challenges/strategies to overcome
    • Not enough time to meet with staff
      • Continue 1:1 coaching...working best.
      • Develop incentive to improve attendance at after school PD
    • Teachers lack exposure to Best Practices
      • Model effective strategies for teachers
      • Beg, borrow and steal examples from other districts/coaches

Future of the School
  • Students/teachers using technology effortlessly throughout their entire day
  • Laptops, whiteboards, projectors, in all classrooms in the entire district.
  • Pad device for all students, preloaded with electronic versions of textbooks, etc.
  • All teachers trained in effective use of a Learning Management System

Individual Mission CB Cocoa 3 Team 4

Jill Tabis (along with J. Mather and S. Hand), Fox Chapel Area School District

Goals as instructional coach:
•Work with teachers to expand our culture of learning from each other, beginning with “guest student” visits to classrooms/peer visitations.

•Meet, discuss, brainstorm, and develop action plans for groups of teachers to move forward despite challenges (ex: class period goals, lunch and learns, open space opportunities).

•Collaborate with technology director, principals, and curriculum director to support district initiatives and provide opportunities for teacher growth in the area of technology/21 Century Skills.

•Collaborate with teacher leaders to expand technology use in classrooms including but not limited to model lesson sessions, and make and take sessions.

• Collaborate with, challenge, and guide students in the use of 21st Century Learning strategies.

Challenges and strategies to overcome those challenges:
•Consistent teacher availability: meet with teachers before or after school or in TLC groups. Work one-on-one with teachers to overcome barriers to peer visitations. Include principal monthly discussions with each ELI class period.

•Teacher availability is not consistent from one semester to the next: Expand class period goals for the 2nd semester teachers for investment in their goal; include technology tips/strategies weekly.

•Administrative availability and money: Scheduled monthly meetings for administration and the core team would be extremely helpful. Tap in to the PTO money allocated for the building from the Gala???; grant writing, free services; utilizing the listserve and CFF coaches for ideas/support.

•Time to work with willing teachers: revive the “area of expertise” and publish it as a teacher resource. Challenge: teacher willingness to participate; strategy: one on one meetings, discussions, relationship building through guest student visits.

•Students don’t want to use 21st century learning: challenge them through practice, interest; action research to identify WHY they are hesitant.
What would your school look like?

•Students would not be working in classrooms all the time. There would be partnerships with companies offering funding, mentoring, internships and pathways to careers. Cell phones would be an actively used piece of technology all the time. Teachers would have designed opportunities to collaborate with each other during job embedded PD (PEP-like) and take risks with new technologies and lessons based on 21st Century Learning Skills. Parents, the school board, and community members would be educated in, observe, and participate in our schools on a regular basis. If anyone walked in to any school at any time, they would observe a culture of learning in every single person. The education profession would be regarded as an important, critical component to moving us forward globally.

Magnolia C - Table 1 -IU3
A listing of your goals as instructional coach
A. Identify district plan for continuation of CFF
B. Determine CFF coach responsibilities in the middle school.
C. Evaluate the needs of the students and educators in the middle school.
D. Create a plan to begin working with teachers on a deparment level.
A listing of your challenges and strategies to overcome those challenges (use your collaboration with other coaches to address these challenges)
A. N/A, these were my first 3 days as a coach!
Assume you are successful in your efforts to help your teachers prepare students as future citizens of the world. What would your school look like?
A. Teachers using project-based learning
B. Students collaborating with both other students and experts outside of the school.
C. Technology being used for higher level thinking skills in the new Bloom's taxonomy.

Kevin Kocher Individual Plan

Todd Ollendyke Individual Plan