Day 3: Thursday, November 11 - 1:00 PM

Direction to adding your placemark to the Google Map:

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Ready to “SNAP” Your Students’ interaction in Classrooms for the Future and 21st Century Teaching and Learning Experiences?

Goal: Showcase CFF/EETT student learning statewide using multimedia clips posted to the PDE website.

As part of the CFF Mission, on 1.11.11 we are launching a SNAP SHOT DAY of CFF/EETT students actively learning. Pennsylvania Department of Education will provide a space on the PDE Portal for a Google map . A link to the shared Google Map will be sent to the listserv.
CC licensed: Sherlock 77 (Flickr)

To participate, create a 2-3 minute video produced on or about January 11, 2011. This clip should show the instructional impact, influence or changes that have taken place in your school as a result of the CFF program. Examples:
    • Classroom interaction
    • Groups of students or teachers chatting about changes
    • Charts of student achievement and teachers talking
    • Collaborative project based learning
    • New communication technologies in action
    • Your ideas?


To make the greatest impact, your video should take into consideration :
  1. Students in rigorous engagement.
  2. No talking head shots. However, for example, a student’s response to a teacher prompt that is especially good, is fine. EX: Teacher: “Very good. How can you prove that idea?” Student: “Well, I can find data on the Census site or Wolfram Alpha, as well as...”, etc.
  3. Good lighting (Do not shoot into the lighted window - it silhouettes the people)
  4. Be sure the audio is clear and clean without background noise
  5. Frame your shots with limited clutter in the background (avoid cluttered walls or images)
  6. Keep the frame with 1-4 individuals. Large group shots are harder to see.
  7. Put a title to your video at the beginning


  1. A Google account - to access the map and be able to add to it
  2. Upload rights to youtube. If youtube is blocked at school you can always upload it from home.


  • Nov 11 - Announce the Project
  • 1.11.11 - Film your project on or about this day
  • 1.18.11 - Date for completion of edits, uploaded, and posted to the Google Map
  • 1.18.11 - Send email to either Beth, Matt, or Jim notifying that the video was posted

Balloon Text:

(Text for the placemark - see example below)
  • District:
  • Superintendent:
  • Building:
  • Principal:
  • CFF Coach:
  • <hr>
  • {pasted embed code}

Approval Information

Title: Give a title to your video that embraces the focus.

To submit the video please identify on the Google map balloon: School Name, Super, Principal, Coach & School District.

Approval: Each Superintendent must agree in writing to allow the posting of the SD video linked and displayed on the PDE website. Email, or send copy to: __Adrienne Mcpherson__ at PDE.

Superintendent __ approves the use of this video clip residing on YouTube to represent School District.

Clearances from teachers and student images should be held at the school district.

The district may have its own, or Use the pdeconsentform.pdf, approved by PDE legal department.


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